Oh, hello there!

Yes, this is a new blog with a slightly different name.

I needed a fresh start. Honestly, I had come to detest blogging. It felt more like a chore rather than a platform in which to voice my thoughts. I’m fairly certain the cause was the pressure I was piling on myself to be funny. In truth, I love making people laugh. I don’t behold an abundance of talents, but I think humor is the one I do have. With that being said, sometimes pushing a talent to its furthest boundaries can morph it into something stressful and a plain, hot mess.

So, I needed something new to match my New Year’s Resolution.

My NYR was to work on myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I have spent a lot of time being complacent with who I am/was. And let me assure you, complacent and content are two very different things. My life leaves a lot of room for improvement, and it’s time to get to work. Worst of all, I’ve never felt so distant from God. I could provide a menagerie of reasons but the reality is that I just got lazy. Not cool.

The posts on the new and improved Biggity Blog will focus on those three things and how the construction on my life is going. You’ll see anything ranging from new recipes to outfits to my new celebrity crushes. Because, let’s be honest, there is one thing I do not intend on cutting out of my life and that is my imagination. My ability to mentally date someone who I have a less than zero percent chance of meeting is truly exceptional, and I just don’t plan on letting it go, mmmkay?

I’m also starting fresh with a new blog because my dream trip is on the horizon. I will be traveling to New York City in March. I’ve spent the majority of my life imagining what it will feel like to walk down the streets of Manhattan and now I have my opportunity. I’ve been practicing my mean face when a mugger demands my money, and I’m on the lookout for a top-notch rape whistle. I’m set, ya’ll.

Also, I’m really tired of being fat. It took me a really long time to say the f-word, but there it is. I still hate that word with a passion. It’s so derogatory and hateful, but that doesn’t mean that the word doesn’t hold some truth. Working on myself physically doesn’t mean the pursuit of “skinny.” It means that I’m getting in shape. Hopefully that shape is sexy. I’m a vain person, OK?

Love BIG.

P.S. You can still find my old blog at www.thebiggitybigbigblog.blogspot.com


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