Day 3: 8 Passions

Yesterday’s nine pet peeves borderline on cranky (which I am most of the time), but today will be much more lighthearted. The following is eight of my passions.

  • Jesus. He’s the bomb-dot-com, y’all. I’m still amazed at His grace and love every single day.
  • Family/Friends. These people are a constant source of good material to write about. Plus, they’re crazy cool… emphasis on CRAZY.
  • Reading. I seriously LOVE to read. But don’t ask me if I’ve read anything that takes a lot of intelligence to understand because I’m still making my way through the Sweet Valley High series (just kidding, I’ve already read those).
  • Teenagers. Lord, give me strength. Yes, I spend 90 percent of my time with teenagers. And yes, I complain about it. But, in all honesty, I would be kind of lost without them. I laugh every single day. I also scream every single day, but we can let that slide, right? However, we are 6.5 hours away from Spring Break, and I can’t wait to be “lost” for a week.
  • Apple. Apple products, how do I love you? Let me count the ways. P.S. Missin’ you, Steve Jobs. Save a spot for me in the Apple store in Heaven.
  • Clothes. I’m single because I’m hopelessly devoted to my closet and my pursuit to expand its contents. I’m also single because Eva Mendes won’t get her grubby paws off my man but… whatever.
  • Fame. Look, some people are meant to be a worldwide sensation, and some people aren’t. You might be the latter, and I’m definitely the former. I’m not saying I’ll do anything to be famous, but I will do a lot. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a good person, y’all, but I’m not a great person. You really need to accept it too.
  • Gold digging. Ugh. It’s so much harder than it looks.

What are your eight passions?

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