Day 4: 7 Things that Make Me Happy

I know, I know. It’s been forever since I’ve posted, but I was in New York, y’all! I was super busy being fabulous in a fabulous city, but I did miss The Biggity Blog. But I’m back, so there’s no need to suffer any longer.

Today’s subject is seven things that make me happy. Before we begin the seven things let me state that Jesus, my family, and my friends are the three things that make me happier than anything; these are just seven random things.

1) Summer. I’m a summer baby through and through. I love shorts and flip-flops, the sting of the afternoon sun on my bare shoulders, the feel of cool pool water splashing on my face, sipping ice-cold sweet tea on muggy evenings, Independence Day, baseball games, and more.

2) Movie days. Is there anything better than an entire day spent with loved ones watching movies? Nope.

3) Compliments. I love to be complimented, and I love to compliment people. I especially love when someone compliments on my blog or outfit. Hint, hint.

4) Disney. It’s seriously an obsession.

5) Shopping. I can seriously shop for anything. I love the way the sound of a credit card being swiped, and my heart leaps for joy when the word ‘APPROVED’ flashes on the screen. It’s all the affirmation I need in life.

6) Hair appointments. I looooooove getting my hair done. Mostly because I have the best hairstylist on the planet. Shout out to Miss Renee! I get this habit from my mother. She has an appointment booked every six weeks and doesn’t miss it for anything. I’m about 90 percent positive she would reschedule the second coming of Jesus if it fell on her hair time. But I think He would understand because my mother has fantastic Texas hair.

7) Retweets. This one is kind of pathetic, but I seriously get so excited about a retweet. Keep that in mind if you ever think I need some cheering up.

Come back tomorrow for six people I’d like to have lunch with!

Have a BIG Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: 7 Things that Make Me Happy

  1. kim berry says:

    You are hilarious

  2. Tina says:

    I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs!!! They bring a smile to my face!


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