Obsessing over Men’s Apparel

I love Refinery 29. Refinery 29 is like that best friend that always knows what’s in style and won’t hesitate to tell you those jeans will make your butt look saggy. It’s truly a phenomenal website. My friend, Jess, loves it as well. Even though she is the real-life version of Refinery 29. She always tells me if my butt looks saggy. Which is almost always because of my lack of an ass.

Anyway, Refinery 29’s featured article for today is on menswear. And, if you know me, you know that I have a strange obsession with menswear. I love to incorporate it in my wardrobe because it compliments and maximizes the feminine pieces in my closet, and, basically, it’s just so darn comfortable.

I love a well-dressed man. It’s so masculine and sexy to see a man with jeans that fit. You wouldn’t think that the way a man wears his jeans would matter to me, but it matters. IT MATTERS.

These are my current menswear obsessions.

There are two things that I love on a man – color and a comfy sweater. Put those together, and I have fallen head-over-heels in love. This is the PERFECT outfit for a movie night at home. And cuddling. Lots of cuddling.

I just can’t get enough of gingham right now. It’s chic but still laid-back. Plus, Judy Garland looked fabulous in it in the “Wizard of Oz,” and that’s a big deal to me.

More color! And sweaters! And a blazer. Swoooooon. Dinner date? Yep. Yep. YEP.

This just screams coffee and literature. I would propose to any man wearing this. Even a total douche because I could get over douchery if only to be on the arm of this outfit.

This encompasses nicely what I think a male should wear. Dark-wash denim with a cuff, of course, desert boots (preferably Clarks), a cap (a baseball cap would work too), and a chambray shirt. LOVE.


I am LOVING Happy Socks. Why? Because they’re called HAPPY socks! C’mon, how can you not be obsessed with them? And I love a man with funky socks. I have always said that if I were male, I would wear suits all the time and have a wide collection of funky trouser socks.

Men, buy a good watch. A good, fashionable, masculine watch is damn sexy. DAMN SEXY.

It’s no secret that I’m a tad obsessed with Emma Stone. It’s also no secret that I’m a tad in love with Andrew Garfield. So it should be painfully obvious that these two are my Brad and Angelina. But we’re talking about menswear now. Look at that suit? Seriously, feast your eyes on perfection. There’s no reason to be afraid of color! Unless you’re looking at some “Dumb and Dumber” suit catastrophe. Then you should stick with basic black.

So there you have it. I’m lusting after suits, desert boots, socks, and gingham. It could be worse. I could be lusting after Affliction shirts and Ed Hardy. Shudder…

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