I’m baaaaack.

Oh hey. Remember me? Yeah, it’s been awhile. Here’s what’s been happening:

1) Finished the yearbook.

I have to be completely honest. The day we finish the yearbook is seriously better than Christmas. It’s the end of nine long months of work, stress, empty calories, uncontrollable tears, nuclear meltdowns, and a little fun. Wow. That sounded like pregnancy, huh?

2) GOP Convention

I have a wonderful best friend. She straight hooked her home girl up with a sweet mini-internship. I was able to volunteer for a campaign for a super awesome man who I won’t name because my blog can be pretty off-color, and I would hate for it to ruin his reputation. It was an incredible opportunity. I had VIP access (HOLLA), got to spend the entire weekend with my best friend, and was able to meet some super hot guys. I like to make the most out of every situation so, of course, I spent the three days proving to any man who crossed my path that I am an ideal politician’s wife. Today, it’s volunteer work – tomorrow, it’s the White House.

Ok, that’s really it so far. Boring, I know. But I promise to not abandon my little bloggy boo again.



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