Finish lines.

Remember when I made all of those promises that I will be better about updating?

Yeah… me too.

No matter. I’m here now, and I have big news!


Pause for celebration.

This past Saturday I returned to my hometown to do the White Buffalo Stampede (Welcome to Texas) with Sarah and Lisa. AND I ALMOST DIED. Despite training for five weeks, I am definitely not in 5k shape. But I finished and under the time limit WHICH MEANS I GOT A MEDAL. No one should be that excited by a plastic medal, but I definitely am.

Coming across that finish line was super emotional. Actually, I’m pretty much super emotional all the time, but this time was different.

For the past few months God has been talking to me a lot about finish lines. Originally I thought finish lines were the sign of the end to something, and, trust me, there are plenty of things in my life I would like to see an end to.

But God doesn’t end anything without bringing around a beginning. Scripture tells us that when Jesus was on the cross, He said “it is finished.” (John 19:30) The sacrifice of Jesus Christ finished and ruined the barrier of sin separating us from God, and in its place we received grace and the Holy Spirit that connects us with Him always. We are made new by His sacrifice and our commitment to Him. We are restored.

My 24th year of life is going to bring changes that I can’t even predict or imagine. Truth be told? I’m terrified but thrilled. I am the Queen of Plans. I have had a life plan since I was five years old. I always like to know my next step and to control what it is and where I’m going. But that’s not how God operates because He is not here to serve me – I am here to serve Him. Besides, His plans for my life are far better than anything I could ever come up with.

This year is going to be big. And overwhelming. And beautiful.

And for every finish line I’m going to experience soon, He’s has a beginning in mind.

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5 thoughts on “Finish lines.

  1. theotherebrown says:

    I encourage you, KEEP GOING. You’ve already proved that you can win the battle. Soon, that fight will be life-giving. You will feel good. You will have more energy in general. You will be less stressed. You will have endorphins and go on post-running-endorphin tweeting rampages (nobody warns you that this is a thing. It’s a thing). You will have better Jesus times. That seems like it wouldn’t be true, but it is. We are holistic beings. It actually helps you spiritually to get your body involved in what you’re doing spiritually. That’s how it works for me. You can almost always track my spiritual life by my running life. Weird, but way true. That’s all. Except for one more: YOU ARE QUEEN OF DOING AWESOME THINGS.

  2. Congrats on completing your first 5K! I’m running my first 10K this weekend in Brooklyn, NY. Hopefully it goes well too! Are you planning on running any more races in the near future?

    • thebiggitybigblog says:

      That’s so great! This definitely won’t be my last. It was hard but so much fun. Good luck with your 10k!

  3. Trish says:

    Congrats on the 5k!! I’m a new reader but have read through a lot of your blog and I love your writings. 🙂 I really hope to get my butt across the finish line of a 5k soon!



    • thebiggitybigblog says:

      Thanks so much, Trish! I really appreciate you. You can totally do it! Just keep the faith and don’t stop!

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