What I Wore Wednesday: Halloween Edition


Sorry for the shouty capitals but I have enough sugar coursing through my veins at the moment that I can almost smell a diabetic coma on the horizon.

So, in honor of my second favorite holiday (Independence Day is my favorite because I love ‘Merica), here is a Halloween edition of What I Wore Wednesday!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t just love Harry Potter, I’m moderately to completely obsessed with it. I can admit it. It’s my one nerd quality. This Halloween I decided to pay homage to my girl, Hedwig. There was much debate as to whether I should be alive Hedwig or dead Hedwig. I went with alive because I feared dead Hedwig would depress me or be tacky. If there’s one thing I refuse to be, it’s tacky.

Here are my homegirls, Whitney and Tabatha. Whitney is a Ballot Box (so cute, right?!) and Tab is a witch (A FABULOUS ONE)! I love these women with my whole heart. They keep me sane in the midst of this crazy job we have. I thank God for them every single day.


Happy Halloween, y’all!

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