Ryan Gosling comes for a visit.

You know when you think obsessively about something impossible happening and then you stop being a freak and get over it?


Like when I spent a solid year of my life thinking that Ryan Gosling would come to West Texas? And then gave up that dream after we broke up because I fell in love with an Olympic swimmer. And then RyGos came to West Texas?

Now that I’ve blown your mind, let’s back up.

Friday was a normal day. I wore a cute new shirt that caused a ton of static and annoyed me. Normal, right? Nope. Apparently there were things happening 30 miles away from me that one could only dream of.

While I was slinging some knowledge on the minds of our country’s future (ugh, I’m seriously so perfect for him), he was busy on an oil rig researching a role. Let me point out that my dad works in the oilfield, and it’s in my blood. Hello? Perfect couple? I think so.

I know. You’re freaking out. Welcome to 12 hours of my life spent hyperventilating into a paper bag.

I’m starting to wonder why we broke up? Oh yeah, because I was tired of sharing him with Eva Mendes.

Ry… I’ll always love you best.

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