Royal Baby!

I know, two posts in one day.

But, you guys.


For the next nine (maybe less, depending on how long she’s been hiding her little bun) months, I will be obsessing over this. OBSESSING.

I just can’t take it. Too many emotions right now.

Oh, I bet the Queen is so excited. The Royal Corgies are going to be so jealous.

Name suggestions:

Boy: Charles (keep it in the family) or Edward.

Girl: Diana (for Princess Di, obviously) or Samantha (for Samantha Jo Berry, obviously).


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2 thoughts on “Royal Baby!

  1. Kalea Cotton says:

    I feel like Kate and I are best friends now. We are both pregnant, so it instantly gives me the right to dive into her amazing life. I must admit I had a tough decision to make however, Kim K really wanted the top spot on my bf’s list. Kate has much better hair so I picked her. Poor Kim…

    • thebiggitybigblog says:

      Kate is a far superior choice to Kim K. Seriously, Kate’s baby will be clothed in Polo and effortlessly chic British brands while the Kimye baby will be wearing meggings and a leather skirt (assuming it’s a boy).

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