It’s time to redecorate. So, here is my current wishlist. Feel free to buy any or all of this for me. Click on the pictures for links to the websites!


I am absolutely obsessed with this. Which is saying a lot because I spend more obsessing and stressing over a duvet cover than I even did when choosing a college major. I love the simplicity of this and the color and that I won’t have to change my whole scheme to fit it in. It updates my current vintage-cottage look but isn’t a complete flip. According the reviews on the website, the shams don’t match the spread exactly so instead, I”m thinking….


So. Cute. I love.

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I’m pretty obsessed with elephants. I’ve loved them since my Dumbo phase and the time my mother took me to ride one at a carnival. It was the kindest, most gentle animal. I have been in awe of them since. Though, as an adult, I’m pretty pissed that this poor creature was essentially a slave to bratty, snot-nosed kids.

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Ugh. Why can’t I have a bottomless bank account?!

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