What’s happening right now.

I took a blogging hiatus. Actually, I’ve taken a partial hiatus from all social media. My tweets have slowed way down and my Facebook gathered a considerable inch of dust. The only social media that is in tip-top shape is my Pinterest.


Well, because God has been shaking things up lately and I needed to give that my full attention.

Here’s a quick breakdown and will sum up my life lately:


That’s right. This West Texas girl is moving eight long hours from home to the land of humidity and bustling urban activity. I’m going to live just minutes from a Starbucks. If I want to go shopping, it won’t take two days of planning and then an hour drive.

My life is about to change and it’s exactly what I prayed for. Isn’t God cool like that? He sees into our hearts, hears our dreams, and uses all things to give us a future and purpose.


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