A new direction.

This blog, as we know it, will cease to exist.

I’m letting The Biggity Big Blog go because it’s time I write about something else.


I think I had this idea that if I didn’t become a teacher blogger that I could someday leave the profession peacefully and without notice. That’s not going to happen because I doubt I will ever leave teaching. They’ll drag me out of the journalism room dead at 99 with a piece of pizza in one had and a red pen in the other. I just hope I die after we finish the yearbook…

I let dust gather on this blog and I waited so long people stopped asking “why don’t you blog anymore.” I kept saying “I don’t know what to write about” but I did then and I do now.

I’m going to talk about education and teachers and students. So I hope you’ll join me when it’s launched. I hope you’ll follow my journey through teaching. I hope you’ll laugh with me at the kids’ shenanigans and weep with me over their struggles.

Mostly I hope what I say there will remind you that everyone needs a teacher at every stage of their life. I hope I can remind the world of that one teacher who made a difference. I hope I can shift the media’s attention from teachers who fail to teachers who win. And I hope I can use my words and experiences to thank the profession which shaped me and continues to shape me.

So please stay with me while I plan and rebrand. You can still find me on Twitter @samanthamazing.

I love you, Biggity Big Blog. I’ll treasure you forever.


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